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Colored Box Clear Out Game

Try this Colored Box Game!  Clear blocks and clear colored boxes to level up!

Colored Box Clear Out - Download box game

The object of this color box game is to click on sets of the same colored boxes in numbers of 2 or more to eradicate sections (or remove sections) of the game screen.  You can advance levels by clicking on "Level Up" at the top of the window if your points match or exceed those pre-determined to qualify for the next difficulty level.  If you get stuck you can select "Reset"  from the file menu which will scatter the colored boxes in another order so as to make more moves possible.  How many levels can you clear out? 

Colored Box Clear Out Download -  Download this game Download Colored Box Clear Out Now (345 kb - Win 9x, NT, ME, 2k, XP, Win 7)


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   Colored Box Clear Out Source Code

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   Includes VB6 Project files for the following:  Colored Box Clear Out

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   Entire Source Code Package

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   Includes VB 6 Project files for the following:  VB Web Browsers, Another Matrix Screensaver, Colored Box Clear Out, Little Chess, Memory Tweaker, and My Addicting Hangman.

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